Beyoncé. Yoncé. Queen Bey. King Bey. Sasha Fierce. Honey B. Whatever you want to call her, she's a woman of myriad talents. Singing. Acting. Schoolin' life. Waking up like this. But if there's one thing that the Child of Destiny-turned-global superstar knows how to do — and do it very well: Dance.

Between the hair flips, hip thrusts and fierce footwork, whenever Beyoncé goes into beast — err, Bey-st mode, you best step aside and allow her to us how an actual superstar (pop)crushes the stage.

She's proven her dancing skills time and time again over the years, and only seems to be getting better with age. (Seriously, did you watch the On The Run Tour or the Global Citizen Festival performances?) If anything, she's only going harder!

Inspired by one of our daily YouTube K-holes through Bey's best tour and award show performances over the past years, we're bringing out a compilation of some of Beyoncé's best, hardest, fiercest, wildest, sexiest dance breakdowns she's ever delivered on stage, from a hot cameo on Usher's tour a decade ago all the way to her TIDAL Benefit Concert from just the other week.

Which performance do you love the most? Did we miss your favorite breakdown? Sound off in the comments below. We've got a pretty good feeling this ain't gonna be the only the video paying tribute to Bey's best moves...

Check out the best of the best stage costumes: