Tina Knowles is one fierce mother.

Beyonce's mom was caught by TMZ while leaving lunch with Kelly Rowland, and of course, the videographer had to ask about the status of Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage -- framing the question as an "opportunity" for the Knowles matriarch to set the record straight on the persistent divorce rumors.

But Mama Knowles wasn't taking it.

"You wanted to give me an opportunity?! How kind of you to do that!" she replied sarcastically.

Still, the paparazzo managed to convince her to take a stab at the "haters."

"Haters gon' be haters, and there's nothing we can do about that," she said.

"So, everything's okay?" he reiterated.

"Everything's perfect," she responded, making the 'A-OK' sign with her fingers.

And as for the difficulty of dealing with such rumors, Knowles says she doesn't even acknowledge it.

"I just don't even read the bull, you know?" responding one more time with a clipped "Yep!" when asked again if everything was all good.

Well, there you have it! Check out Tina Knowles' response in the video above.

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