Big Time Rush have big time hearts. The Nickelodeon band paid tribute to an eight-year-old fan who passed away from cancer.

Celebuzz reports that the band worked with the Make a Wish Foundation and was slated to meet their super fan, Jane Fiemeyer, who battled leukemia for over a year before treatment was no longer an option. The 'Elevate' singers were going to surprise Jane at her home on Sept. 10, but in a heartbreaking turn of events, the girl passed away on Thursday, Sept. 6.

“The boys and I never got a chance to meet Jane Fiemeyer in person, and we are deeply saddened to hear that she has passed away,” BTR member Kendall Schmidt said. “We, together with the Make a Wish Foundation, were right in the middle of planning a trip to meet Jane in person, but the universe had other, even greater plans that took her from us all way ahead of her time ... “Our thoughts, prayers, and love go out to the Fiemeyer family so that they may find peace.”

Thankfully, Big Time Rush and Schmidt’s brothers Kevin and Kenneth recorded a video for their "Princess Warrior," which she watched before she passed. Kenneth added, “When those we love pass on, it is always hard for those we leave behind. But Jane Fiemeyer left us today in a way I think we all hope to leave… that way being surrounded by love. Jane Fiemeyer … you were loved immensely and you will be missed."

The band dedicated their hit 'Worldwide' to Jane, issuing a heartfelt message and even flowers to her memory and displaying her picture on the big screen onstage. Rest in peace, Jane -- BTR and all of their Rushers miss you.