Blac Chyna wants you to get vaccinated, and she wants you to do it now. And at the very least, it's strongly recommended you do so before approaching her in public.

The model and former reality TV star went off — mostly about the vaccine — in Miami International Airport over the weekend. Her tirade was caught on camera.

According to TMZ the shouting started when a fan approached Chyna, who was not wearing a mask, to ask for a photo.

"Go get the f--king vaccine, and stop being stupid, hoe," Chyna can be heard yelling in the footage, though it is not immediately clear who the intended target of the rant is.

While the initial video that surfaced online was taken from a distance, TikTok user @0hh_yvonne was closer to the verbal confrontation and managed to capture additional footage. In it, someone behind the camera agrees with Chyna and hypes her up.

"Go get the shot," Chyna shouts in the clip. "The same thing you have to do to enroll your kids, if you've got kids."

She also seemingly refers to the risk diseases such as COVID-19 pose to the elderly, saying, "This is why people's grandparents is dying and s--t. My grandma been dead."

The celebrity's rant also references representing the Black community, getting boosters, abortion and her DC roots.

At the end, after calling out people for laughing, it appears that Chyna walks off.

Watch it all go down in the TikTok below:

Blac Chyna's verbal beatdown was loud, but it did not trigger enough concern to alert the airport police, according to TMZ.

The publication also noted Chyna got vaccinated for COVID-19 earlier this year. She and a medical professional answered questions about the process before she took the shot on Instagram Live.

"I'm really happy I did it," she said at the time. "I just honestly want to keep everybody safe. Keep my kids safe, that's the most important part. My staff and stuff."

She also encouraged someone behind the camera to get vaccinated.

Check out the archived footage from her live vaccination below.

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