BoA, undisputed and unrelenting Queen Of K-Pop, is back with a brand new beat.

The prolific pop princess has conquered territories all over the globe over the past few years, but this week, she's officially returned to her homeland for the first time in three years with Kiss My Lips, her eighth Korean studio effort.

To kick off the collection (out today worldwide!), the singer's just dropped the colorful visual for title track "Kiss My Lips," a breathy, sensual synth-R&B midtempo jam co-crafted alongside The Stereotypes (of Danity Kane's "Damaged" legacy, among others).

Interesting fact? She wrote and co-produced this entire new LP. Multi-talented pop goddess!

To no one's surprise in particular, the "Only One" diva ticks all the boxes for a proper BoA K-pop extravaganza: Flawless beauty, smooth choreography, eye-popping fashion and the undeniable star wattage that has carried her for over 15 years in the music industry. This one's a little bit more sultry and subdued than her standard high-energy dance floor fare or bubbly J-Pop ditties, but it's a welcome change of pace. She really is an adult now, after all.

Also, as YouTube commenter onjongtaeng SONE rightly points out: "BoA didn't even have to ask and so many people will kiss her." Seriously though, who wouldn't?

BoA Kiss My Lips Video GIF

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