Close sources to Bobby Brown and his daughter with the late Whitney Houston say the New Edition singer needs to leave his tour to be with Bobbi Kristina.
"Whitney wouldn't want that. Bobby needs to drop out of the New Edition tour to be with his daughter," a close source told Radar Online. "Even though there is a break in the tour right now, until March 29, when it resumes, his first priority needs to be his daughter, and keeping her safe. Yes, Bobbi Kristina is eighteen years old, but she is clearly crying out for attention, and Whitney's family is terrified they could be planning Bobbi Kristina's funeral next."

It's been widely reported that Bobbi Kristina is having an understandably difficult time coping with the tragic, sudden loss of her mother. She was hospitalized twice within the first 12 hours following her mother’s death, once for stress and once for mixing alcohol with prescription sedatives — the same deadly combination that may have done Houston in. There were even reports that Bobbi Kristina had an frighteningly similar bathtub incident before her mother’s passing.

Family and friends desperately want Bobbi Kristina to go to rehab, but are giving her time to mourn privately before starting any in-patient treatment.


Because of the bad blood between Brown and Houston's family, the source says that Brown fears approaching Bobbi Kristina will make it even worse. "Bobby Brown needs to physically go and get his daughter and take her to a remote location and let her mourn the loss of her mother away from prying eyes," the source advised. "Line up some mental health professionals, but Bobby needs to do it. The problem is that Bobby is fearful of making more headlines, or upsetting Whitney's family, but this is his daughter."

The source said that Brown and Houston were actually friendly toward the last years of her life and got along well. However, the source says that Bobbi Kristina's relationship with her mother provides some other obstacles. "Whitney treated Bobbi Kristina like a friend during recent years, and at times Krissy seemed like the mother or the adult in their relationship," the source said. "They were constantly together and extremely co-dependent on each other, making this loss for Krissy even more complex. No, Bobby can't replace Whitney, no one can, but he is the only father she has and she was always daddy's little girl."

We can't imagine how difficult this time is for everyone involved. We sincerely hope Brown and Houston's family can overcome their differences to mourn and move on together.