How did Bobby Brown find out about Bobbi Kristina and the Houston family's reality show?

The same way the rest of us did.

TMZ reports that Brown was not too pleased at the notion of Bobbi Kristina signing on to a Houston family series -- because he wanted his and Whitney Houston's daughter to appear on his own show. The problem with that? Bobbi Kristina cut off all ties to her dad. Sources said that Brown had been contacting Houston's sister-in-law and manager, Pat, in efforts to get to Bobbi Kris.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly wants no part of Brown's show, as she and Houston's family, in what may be a slightly hypocritical notion, think he only asked her because she'd make his series more marketable.

Houston's family thinks that their show with Bobbi Kristina will propel the 19-year-old to the music career and stardom she craves. In fact, Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, thinks the family's show will "help with the healing process" and aid in "keeping the family as one."

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