Even though you wouldn't expect a pop punk band like Boys Like Girls to have a big appreciation for banjos and ten gallon hats, the band has a soft spot for country. Their duet with Taylor Swift, 'Two Is Better Than One' may have set the tone for their upcoming album, 'Crazy World,' more than their other hits like 'Love Drunk' or 'The Great Escape.'

BLG frontman Martin Johnson revealed that the band is working with some of the biggest names in country, rock and folk on their upcoming record, including members of Sugarland and the Wallflowers.

Johnson told MTV, "Musically, I think, some of the best songs are on country radio and not pop radio. I think the songwriting is really strong and the stories are told in such a unique way," he gushed. "It's a huge influence and always has been for Boys Like Girls."

Though their own music has been on the poppier side, Johnson says the appreciation for country has been there since the band's inception. "I'm a huge country music fan. I don't really listen to pop radio. I listen to a country station in L.A.," he admitted. "So, like, I mean we're a pop band, and I can't really pretend I'm from Georgia and have a southern accent and wear a 10-gallon [hat] and expect to be a country guy." Fair enough, but we'd kill to see him try.

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