Brandy returned to music on Wednesday (January 6), sharing a brand new blues guitar-driven track in conjunction with her return to TV. And it's good!

Brandy — who, fun fact, is Snoop Dogg's cousin — ruled the '90s, starring in the sitcom Moesha and dropping a string hits including "I Wanna Be Down" and karaoke staple "The Boy Is Mine" with Monica. Sure, she's kept busy in the subsequent 20 years, dropping four albums, appearing as an America's Got Talent judge and starring in Chicago on Broadway in 2015. But she's hit the ground running in the first week of the new year, suggesting she has every intention of making 2016 the new 1996 when it comes to Brandy-ubiquity. The singer-actress shows us a new sound on "Beggin & Pleadin," making it clear to any skeptics that she's hardly been frozen in time.

Fellow comeback queen Missy Elliott is a fan of the new track as well, tweeting her endorsement on Wednesday. "Yassssss brandy u betta give us them revival church runs!," she wrote. "Your vocals is top notch! Congrats!" Here's hoping for a Brandy and Missy collab on a yet-to-be-announced album?

Listen to the song below — and if you've got a hankering to see Brandy back on the small screen, watch her star in the new BET sitcom Zoe Ever After on Tuesday nights at 10 ET.

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