A bride on Reddit is furious with her mom after the 54-year-old woman shared photos of her custom-made wedding dress on social media before the nuptials, and without asking her daughter if it was OK.

The bride decided to design and make her own wedding gown after years of searching for the perfect dress, with no luck.

"It's almost done minus some glamor points to really make it stand out from any other dress I've seen. My mother has been bugging the ever living heck out of me to see my dress. I figured this was because: 1. She had never been married herself. 2. We never did the traditional dress shopping at a boutique. 3. I've been extremely secretive about any details about my dress," the bride-to-be detailed via Reddit.

After the bride's mom hounded her for eight months, she decided to send two photos of the unfinished bridal gown.

"So I sent her [two] pictures last night about 9PM thinking that would calm her down and I went to bed... I got to work this morning and was checking my socials before heading into the office, when I came across a Facebook post from my mother of the [two] photos of MY wedding dress I had sent her last night. There was no context to the photos, nothing saying 'my daughter's beautiful wedding dress' or 'my daughter is almost done with her dream dress.' Nothing!" the bride continued.

On Facebook, some people even thought the wedding dress belonged to her mom, so they congratulated her in the comments. The bride "saw red" and reported the photos to Facebook to hopefully have them taken down.

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Then she called her mom at 5:30AM: "She picked up the phone and I lost it, telling her that if she posted the photos anywhere else she better take them down, and she'll be lucky if she's even still on the invite list for the wedding."

"I don't know if my fiancé saw the post or not before it was taken down but he does have my mother on his friends list and he goes to work an hour before I get out of bed, so the possibility is there," the bride-to-be added.

The bride's mom downplayed the ordeal, arguing it wasn't that big of a deal and that her finished dress would still be a "surprise" at the wedding.

In the comments section, Reddit users blasted the mom for sharing the wedding dress photos publicly without permission.

"She shouldn't have shared those photos, kind of common sense," one person wrote.

"The real question is why her mom kept hounding her about it. NO boundaries," another shared.

"Your mom knows no boundaries. Keep her on an information diet from now on so she doesn’t try to make your wedding hers," someone else commented.

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