The magic number is 10 million and Britney Spears is now one of just six people that have notched that many followers on Twitter. That's a lot of followers. Congrats, Brit.

According to Billboard, Brit joins the esteemed company of fellow pop stars like Lady Gaga (over 14 million followers), Justin Bieber (over 13 million followers) and Katy Perry (over 10 million followers), as well as reality diva, self-promoter and branding genius Kim Kardashian (over 10 million followers) and the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama (nearly 11 million followers)

It speaks volumes about our culture when five of the top six most followed tweeters are pop stars and celebs and only one is the most important political figure on the planet. However, since such a small cross section of people attain this many followers, it's obvious that Brit is still beloved!

It's also interesting that Brit Brit follows 400,000 people. Most pop stars with massive followings only follow a small set of people, usually numbering in the low hundreds. That's obviously a broad stroke way of putting it, but it's fairly common.

Other pop stars are encroaching on the 10 million Twitter followers milestone as well. Shakira has 9 million followers, while Taylor Swift has over 8.5 million people clinging to her tweets. The Biebs' GF Selena Gomez is pushing towards 8 million.

Start following these pop stars and help them get to 10 million. You're sure to be treated to fun photos, interesting tidbits of information and news about their music!