Britney Spears fans may get an unexpected surprise from their queen if a new rumor is true. A Spears fan site says that Brit will appear on 'Masquerade,' a track on Nicki Minaj's upcoming 'Roman Reloaded' album.

Without naming a source, the site Breathe Heavy suggested the 'Masquerade' team-up is a track on Minaj's new album, which drops on April 3. A rumored tracklisting for 'Roman' posted on the site shows 'Masquerade' featuring Britney Spears as track No. 4 on a 22-song album that also allegedly features Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Drake.

The tracklist could be fake, but Minaj did confirm on Twitter that 'Roman Reloaded' will have 22 songs. Super-producer Dr. Luke also tweeted that he worked on a song called 'Masquerade,' though he didn't mention Spears. Confirmed tracks on the album include 'Stupid H--,' 'Roman in Moscow,' 'Turn Me On' featuring David Guetta and 'Starships.'

Spears and Minaj previously partnered on the 'Till the World Ends' remix and spent months together on the Femme Fatale Tour, so it would make sense for them to work together again. PopCrush fully supports this collaboration, should it happen!