We may have to wait even longer for the full details of Bruce Jenner's rumored sex change.

TMZ reports that the former Olympian has put the brakes on a documentary series that chronicled his journey to becoming a woman. The series would have aired as early as this May.

Sources revealed to TMZ that the Kardashian patriarch has concerns about how the series will affect his family and feels rushed by the show's producers. It's unclear whether Jenner's decision to postpone the project had anything to do with the tragic car accident that left one driver dead along the Pacific Coast Highway in February.

Before the crash, Hollywood Life reported that Jenner gave an exclusive interview about his transition to ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. Though little information is known, that project is believed to be on track.

As Kim Kardashian put it — and we wholeheartedly agree — Bruce's story is his to tell when he is ready to tell it. We hope that if and when Bruce comes forward with his story, he is allowed to do so on his own terms.

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