Well, it's confirmed. Bruno Mars can sing about anything and it's going to sound amazing. Case in point: the crooner's new 'Sesame Street' tune, 'Don't Give Up.'

Mars has teamed up with the long-running children's program to deliver an encouraging little ditty that supports the proverb "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Set to a version of his 'The Lazy Song' track, 'Don't Give Up' offers simple lyrics and an addictive melody to drive its message home.

With his furry friends around him, the 26-year-old sings: "When you want to do something new and it seems really, really hard to do / You feel like quitting,  you feel you're through / Well, I have some advice for you / Don't give up / Keep on trying, you're gonna make it, I ain't lying / Don't give up / Don't ever quit, try and try and you can do it / Don't give up."

'Sesame Street' has hosted many popular pop stars, including the likes of Alicia Keys, Usher and Jason Mraz. Katy Perry caused a stir in 2010 when she appeared on the show singing a modified version of 'Hot N Cold' in a cleavage-bearing dress. The clip was subsequently pulled from the airing of the show following a slew of complaints from viewers.

Watch Bruno Mars Sing 'Don't Give Up' on 'Sesame Street'