Bruno Mars is pulling double duty this weekend as the host and musical guest of 'Saturday Night Live' on Oct. 20. That's a lot of pressure laid on the doorstep of one pop singer, as this hilarious string of promos suggests! But in this clip, Mars and cast member Fred Armisen team up for some jokes, to argue over semantics and to create a song about Mars' high-profile gig.

In one promo, Armisen calls Mars a "triple threat" and the 'Locked Out of Heaven' singer disputes it, since he is merely a dual threat as host and musical guest. They argue over what the third task is and about the semantics.

Armisen also calls Mars a "hat guy" since he is known for his array of toppers. Armisen gets to be a man of many hats for a few seconds, in emulation of Mars.

But the real gem is when they make up a song about Mars being the musical guest and the host.

Armisen plays a drum machine while Mars grabs an acoustic guitar and sings about his duties, so he is really milking those roles for all they are worth. There's also a 'Multiplicity' moment that closes the promo. It nearly made us spit out our water!

Judging from these promos, Mars is up for the task of hosting and making funnies on national TV this weekend.

PopCrushers, will you be tuning into 'SNL' this Saturday to watch Bruno Mars, host and musical guest? See, he's even got us programmed to say it!