New York native Bryan Keith got all four judges to turn around in their seats after singing ‘It Will Rain’ by Bruno Mars on the brand-new episode of ‘The Voice’ which aired tonight (Sept. 10).

Christina Aguilera said that Keith has a “raw quality,” “raw gift” and a “signature voice,” and Cee Lo stated that he has everything he looks for in a singer. Blake Shelton commended his performance as having deserved a four-chair turn. And Adam Levine had nothing but the most passionate praise to give. "I’m dying to have you on my team," he said. Ultimately, Keith chose Levine, causing the Maroon 5 frontman to exclaim, “We are going to rock it!” Now, maybe Levine will be able to sleep easily tonight.

The 22-year-old Bronx native inherited his musical skills from his two-time Grammy award-winning father, Ray de la Paz, who is part of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. He was cheered on and supported by his dad during his recent audition. Among his other musical influences are Freddie Mercury, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Third Eye Blind and the Deftones.

The young singer doesn't want to rise to fame on anyone else’s coattails, though – he wants to make it on his own. And if what we heard tonight is any indication, he will have no problem in turning that wish into a reality.