Calvin Harris burst onto the pop charts with his smash collaboration with Rihanna, 'We Found Love,' and since then he's been unstoppable, soaring up with charts with Ne-Yo on 'Let's Go' and Florence Welch on 'Sweet Nothing.'

All this from a guy who was so into dance music that he used to skip class: "I just got obsessed with it and spent all my time trying to make songs. I was doing it instead of going to high school, which I don't recommend."

Though he doesn't sing as often as he used to, Harris still puts his own voice on some of his music, something which separates him from a lot of his electronic music contemporaries. In fact, one of his biggest hits, 'Feel So Close,' features his own vocals.

Harris is one of the most in-demand DJs around, both from other artists who want to work with him and from fans who want to see him live in concert. He has performed at numerous festivals around the world and will play the Main Stage at Ultra.

Watch Calvin Harris Perform 'Sweet Nothing' Live