Word to the wise: If you go to a Calvin Harris show, don't try to get your heckle on. He'll shut you down, and then call you names for good measure.

Last Thursday, Harris was playing a gig at Miami's LIV nightclub when a woman in the crowd started giving him a hard time. But rather than ignore her, he actually gave her a live mic to speak her piece -- during which she called him a "sellout" and demanded he "play something original."

"That was originally written by me. That's my song," he told her before mocking her with, "Why do you come to a f---ing Calvin Harris show where Calvin Harris is DJ'ing [when you] don't want to hear a f--iing Calvin Harris record, you daft f--king b----?!"

Maybe she just thinks DJs have to be starving artists -- something Calvin clearly isn't. He made chart history when his album '18 Months' (featuring hit collaborations with artists including Rihanna and Florence Welch) spawned nine Top 10 singles, and with earnings of $46 million in the past year, Forbes recently named him the world's best-paid DJ.

We suggest this daft lady take a seat!