Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter and producer known as Calvin Harris is on a roll here in the States. Having just done a video with Ne-Yo, Harris released another banger -- this one a bit unexpected. It's remix of Florence + the Machine’s ‘Spectrum.’Fans of Florence, don’t be discouraged. Amid the dance-like beat you’re still able easily enjoy the entrancing essence that is Florence + the Machine.

The original tune by Flo + Co. is unique, as are most of her songs. However, in the new version Calvin was able to add a new angle to it. The remix is easily a dance club hit, filled with a beat that would cause even the most rigid of folks to start tapping their feet. Start up the strobe lights, folks, because it’s time to start moving! And not the usual ethereal, interpretive moments Florence Welch is known for, either.

Florence’s voice with Calvin’s beat is an absolute win for us fans. Listen to the track below. Some of you may even like it better than the original!

Watch Calvin Harris's Remix of Florence + the Machine's 'Spectrum'