The Late Late Show took the shape of an underground hip hop club when Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco joined as guests.

In an especially heated installment of "Drop The Mic," the actors squared off against James Corden — and each other — in a test of network TV-sanctioned rapping.

"This is about to be a bloodbath," Corden warns in the clip above as he's joined by his eager guests.

Quickly, he sets his sights on Franco.

"Don't worry, there's still time to be discovered, but I'm pretty sure we actually meant to book your brother."

Delevingne, showing no mercy, doubles down on Franco.

"I haven't seen your movies and I definitely won't, Now you see me, no, sorry, I don't," she spits.

But Franco won't go down without a fight, and bites back.

"Before all your fans tweet that I'm a jerk, I'll be nice and just say let the real actors work / You're famous right now but the comedown will be hellish, You're not a household name cause no one can f------ spell it."

(For reference, this post required the likes of several "Delevingne" spell checks.)

When the dust clears, Delevingne's named the winner. Maybe because she's the tallest, I guess? Watch your backs, XXL Freshman class...

Watch the madness and tell us if you think Delevingne was the right winner.

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