Congrats Carly Rae Jepsen! The Canadian cutie's debut U.S. single, 'Call Me Maybe,' is now certified Platinum, selling 1.2 million copies since its release.

The song has skyrocketed since being promoted heavily by the young man who signed her -- none other than fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. Bieber even recorded a video lip syncing to the track with galpal Selena Gomez and famous friends, garnering over 35 million YouTube views.

'Call Me Maybe' is currently in the Top 5 on iTunes and has hit the top spot in Australia, the U.K. and Jepsen's native Canada.

Jepsen talked to The Associated Press about her inspiration for the song. "I have never actually given a guy my phone number before," Jepsen said. "You have to live vicariously through your music, so I figure if I was ever that brave that is how I would give a guy my number."

Turns out she won't need to give her number out much, because she's got a boyfriend! "The line 'Before you came into my life I missed you so bad' was in fact written and inspired by the guy that I am seeing now, actually," Jepsen told AP. "He's got like three CDs written for him so it's old news, he is used to it. That was the truth for me and him; I was like 'Oh, life could be this good? Awesome.'" Too cute!

So what's next for Jepsen following the stellar success of her first single? "It would be a shame if I just released 'Call Me Maybe' and that was it. I feel so hungry to show all the stuff I've been writing for the past few years and this experience is inspiring things too!"