Carly Rae Jepsen released the insanely catchy track "I Really Like You" just a few days ago, and she's finally unveiled the super fun music video to go along with it. Debuting exclusively on's The Daily Dish, the music video is worthy of just as many replays as the song itself.

Of the video Carly said, "I wanted a video that made people laugh and smile and just feel joy! I really think we captured that and can't wait to finally be able to share it with my fans!" And considering the fact that she enlisted some famous friends for the video -- none other than Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks -- we think she captured that fun feeling perfectly. Tom lip syncs to almost the entirety of the song as he gets ready to meet up with Carly, stops to sign a fan's ping pong paddle and eventually gets into a cab. Our favorite part? The fact that this version of Tom Hanks has a Tinder profile. And that totally cute dance at the very end with Justin Bieber being completely charming? There's no way this video won't make you smile -- we promise.

If you recall, Carly enlisted the help of Justin once before -- remember that viral video of "Call Me Maybe" that was all over YouTube in 2012? Not that the song needed too much help. If there's anyone who knows the power of an ear-worm, it's every single person who has ever heard "Call Me Maybe" and been unable to un-hear it since. We mean that in a good way, of course.

Check out the video for "I Really Like You" above!

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