Carly Rae Jepsen is such a cutie.

The Canadian singer is in her late 20s, but due to her energy, her magnetic cuteness and her youthful way of dressing, along with her signature bangs, she is often mistaken for being much younger than her real age. Her Instagram feed reveals her to be full of life, fond of taking and sharing smooch-tastic selfies, furthering the notion that she is younger. But it's all very endearing. Besides, what's wrong with eternal youth? Nothing! Just ask Peter Pan.

We've rounded up some of CRJ's best Instagram snaps. Jepsen is adorbs and proves that you can capture youthful effervescence in a photo and you're only as young as you feel. Notice that she loves to pucker up and share snaps of her hair.

Behind the microphone in a cute tee.


Horseback riding on vacay -- what a smile.

Two hair shades and two smooches as the gud spokesmodel.

Oooh, a vintage fringe dress worn while on tour. We want to steal her frock.

Wigging out with her cousin Adam.

Red shag.

Bun-wearing, beachside babe.

Smoochy selfie -- are we seeing a pattern?

CRJ goes Minnie Mouse.

Quickly becoming a hair icon.

Messaging her manager.

Big hair, don't care.

Hanging with Avril... Canadian cuties...who has better hair?

Studio City.