Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is undoubtedly one of the catchiest singles to ever hit the airwaves. And while it was certainly the most popular song Carly released as a single, her entire sophomore album, Kiss, was full of sleeper hits -- "This Kiss," "Hurt So Good" and "Turn Me Up," hello -- that didn't get a real chance to shine the way they could have. So she kind of faded into the background for a while, choosing to focus on her acting career as she starred in the Broadway show Cinderella. But now it looks like she's finally back to writing music and is set to release a new single soon.

Taking to her website yesterday (Feb. 25), Carly wrote up a post that let fans in on what's been going on with her lately. You can check out the full text below.

Dear Lovelies,

It's been an incredible 2 years. 3 years? Geeze -- Time flies.

I've been hiding in forests where one meets a prince and dances till midnight. I've been cocooned in my apartment, sipping tea with artists so weird and wonderful that only New York could keep them happy. I have been hiking to the tippy tops of LA peaks where I've said this out loud to no one...

I'm ready. (Imagine the Muddy Water's [sic] song playing in my headphones)

I have been so quietly alive and now at long last I am ready to share my heart about it.

The first single is called "I Really Like You" and I do -- really really really really really really like you that is.

Your support as my fans and friends has been everything.

So here goes...



We got a sneak peek a few weeks ago at the filming of Carly's new music video for her upcoming single "I Really Like You" when photos surfaced of her, Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks dancing together in a large group of people. We're super excited to see the finished product and to finally get some new music from Carly! It's definitely been way too long.

According to her manager, Scooter Braun, the single will be here in March. In an interview with Billboard he said, "I told her that she couldn't come out with anything unless it was on the level of 'Call Me Maybe.' And, now we have a new one that is on that level."

What do you guys think? Are you super stoked on whatever it is Carly has in store for us? Are you frothing at the mouth in anticipation?

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