To the naked eye, Carly Rae Jepsen is bubbly, sweet and likely the type who over-tips, but, make no mistake—she's got an egomaniac skillfully hidden inside.

During an interview with the BBC today (September 21), Carly agreed to ring up her publicist, Stephanie and, to say it simply, put the woman through hell. If you thought your boss was demanding, get ready for a whole new level of oppressive.

In the clip above, Prank Queen Carly gets Stephanie on the line as a live audience listens, and has this simple request: I'm pretty busy, so can you go to my hotel room and sign 800 copies of my album? Thx, ur a doll.

"I'm sorry, I wouldn't ask, but I'm just so packed, that I don't really know what else to do," she says with a hint of modesty (guess she's not capable of pure evil). "It's important to me that they have a special sort of flavor to them, so there's a perfume than I have in my bathroom, and if you don't mind, like, spraying each one, too, that would be even extra awesome."

"You are a queen," she adds with an additional twist of the patronizing-knife.

Oh, and Steph, while we've got you on the line, would you mind applying my preferred tangerine lipstick and kissing each CD jacket individually? And one more thing—I kind of need it done in the next hour. Have I told you lately that you're a rock star? A vision? A thing of beauty? Seriously, my kids' godparents, and I'm not even kidding.

How does Steph take Carly's diva demands? See how it goes down above.

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