The sound of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Run Away With Me" was a pleasantly familiar one for fans during an Ellen Show performance today (February 26). The singer's look, however, likely threw a whole bunch of rabid followers for a loop.

Jepsen used a performance of the fan-favorite E•MO•TION single to debut a shorter, piecy cut that might have left Joan Jett crying out in envy. It looked a little bit rocker and a little bit pixie, but either way, it didn't eclipse the fact that she can put on a show.

In the video above, and backed by fluorescent hearts, scribbly affirmations and high-school football lighting, Jepsen turns the song — first released in July 2015 — into a road trip-worthy anthem. And the audience, which grooves through the set, seems ready to throw caution to the wind and ride away.

And if Carly seems especially liberated throughout, you might have her recent recording of "Everywhere You Look" to thank. While adapting the Full House theme song for new Netflix series Fuller House, the singer learned to play to her instincts, she told Rolling Stone earlier this week.

"I learn that more and more as I take on new projects: If you try too hard to do something unnatural, it's never going to feel right," she said. "You have to let yourself let loose and be."

Watch the clip above, and tell us what you think of Carly's latest "Run Away With Me" performance.

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