When Carly Rae Jepsen released the official video for her pretty fantastic single "Run Away With Me," it was a fairly straightforward affair. It was a narrative video that featured her jetsetting around the globe to famous locations, laughing a lot, and having quite a bit of fun while doing so. Given the "home movie" feel to some of the scenes, we could say that the video is meant to give us the impression that somehow we, the fans, recorded her journeys, thereby allowing us to feel like we have gained access to a small portion of Jepsen's celebrity life.

Three months later, Jepsen has revisited the "Run Away With Me" video but with one major difference: Now, it's interactive!

While the overall narrative and structure of the video remain the same, fans now have the option to respond to a series of questions/prompts that pop up periodically over the course of the four-plus minute video. Whichever of the three emojis the viewer selects, the video tells us, will have a different impact on what Jepsen does next. So, if you choose the peacock icon in response to the question "Did you go to the park I told you about?," you'll be treated to a brief clip of—you guessed it—a peacock!

Wanna say you bought a red hat for Jepsen's birthday? Then you'll get to see her modeling it (and looking fierce while doing so!).

Although the scenes don't alter or add to the plot of the video in any kind of substantial way, the idea of an interactive video is still a fairly groundbreaking concept in terms of how it encourages participatory culture. So even though Jepsen isn't the first artist to release one, it says a lot about the relationship she wants to create with her fans.

In this context, then, basic questions like "Where in the world are you?" or "What time is it there?" are not just small talk but rather Jepsen's attempt to actually place her fans around the world, the chance for fans to let her know just how far her music has reached.

And questions like "Did you go to the park I told you about?" and "Did you find me a birthday gift yet?" imply a previous intimacy that fans already share with Jepsen, something she hopes to continue with/because of this interactive video.

The final prompt reads: "I miss you, can't wait until you're home!"

On the one hand, we can read it as Jepsen randomly addressing an actual lover, which doesn't really fit with the arc of the rest of the questions. So let's focus on the other hand. Let's read it as Jepsen's earnest invitation for fans to reconnect with her at her home away from home: the stage at her next performance.

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