'Call Me Maybe' was the biggest song of the summer of 2012, and singer Carly Rae Jepsen isn't backing down on the frothy, saccharine pop anthems while the weather changes and gets cooler. The song 'This Kiss' from her new album 'Kiss,' out Sept. 18, has been unveiled online, and it's as sweet and as cavity-causing as 'Call Me Maybe.'

The light and fluffy nature of the song is what makes it so appealing! Jepsen sings about a kiss being something she can't resist and the lips of her beloved, who is just her type, being undeniable. She captures a universal feeling and encases it in an addictive song.

It's quite possible that 'This Kiss' could be one of the biggest songs of the fall of 2012. It's that catchy. It's a synthy, mid-tempo dance number that will get your butt up off that chair and your feet moving. We've listened to it like three times already and we can't stop grooving along with CRJ's melodies and sugary voice.

Everything CRJ touches turns to dance and pop music gold. Carly Rae has quickly become one of our most favorite Canadians.

Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen, 'This Kiss'