Did you Bachelorette fans out there watch the Men Tell All special on July 26? If not, you can be forgiven for your slip in standom, because FOUR HOURS is a lot of time to devote to a trashy-yet-addictive ABC reality show in one week. An unreasonable amount of time, even. It's summer, we've all got peaches to eat and sunsets to admire!

But for those who've found themselves entranced by Season 12 villain Chad Johnson's buffoonish, "ay I'm just being honest!" antics, the ABC special was as entertaining as it was often tense. Erectile Dysfunction Evan may have been onto something on Tuesday when he likened Johnson's willingness to say anything toxic for attention to Donald Trump's rhetoric — and be they truthful, half-truthful or false, most of Chad's remarks struck a nerve for several contestants. Suggesting that final-two contender Robby Hayes is gay was perhaps the most inflammatory of all.

Host Chris Harrison had plenty of questions for Chad, who by his own admission conveniently happened to  hunt down meet and date both Robby's ex Hope Higginbotham (flaunting it an an Instagram splitand contestant Grant Kemp's ex Jen after he left the show.

"What about Robby?," Harrison asked.

"Robby? Um...all I can say is that Robby's not upset about me dating Hope," Chad said, with a coy-by-Chad-standards expression on his face. "I know he's threatened her."

As you can see in the reactions below, both the audience and the former contestants found this claim dubious:

Johnson, who'll appear on Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 alongside fellow Bachelorette also-rans Evan, Grant, Daniel and Wells (Wells, whyyyy?), put an even finer point on his remarks while live-tweeting Monday's Fantasy Suites episode of the Bachelorette. 

"If I have to watch [Robby] pretend to like women for one more second on #TheBachelorette, I'm gonna blow my head off," Chad tweeted on July 25, adding the possibly misogynistic, or maybe homophobic #TheBitchelorette hashtag (unclear whether he was referring to JoJo or Robby). Clever!

Robby shot back, "Been waiting for you to do that #mrirrelevant." 

As unsavory and unnecessary as Chad's claims are, he's far from the first Bachelorette viewer to harbor this suspicion about Robby, based on...his hairless, rippling torso (he's a swimmer)? His admittedly oddly-shaped and fastidiously-styled hair? His worrisome nonchalance over the fact that he broke up with his girlfriend of four years right before the show? His voice and mannerisms? This is all extremely inconclusive non-evidence on which to judge a person's sexuality — but it hasn't stopped plenty of people from declaring it so.

As for Robby himself, he called Chad's proclamations slander, and continues to cast his ex as a complicit villain as well:

Watch a Chad-heavy preview for Bachelor In Paradise, which looks to be a bona fide hot mess (in even hotter climates! sorry sorry), below. Who says bad behavior goes unrewarded?

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