Someone get them a recording deal! For a Perez Hilton cover song contest, two incredibly talented and relatively obscure singers named Charlie Puth and Emily Luther got together to perform a cover of Adele's beloved -- no, make that revered -- ballad 'Someone Like You.' With this simple cover, the pair let their voices make the most impact.

Puth and Luther are seated in a room, sitting on a comfy couch and singing for their lives. They are utterly angelic as they harmonize, pretty much rivaling the British soul diva as they bounce off one another like cherubs. Did the finest hair on the back of your neck or along your arms stand bolt upright yet? They will give you chills. That's how good they are.

We understand that it's incredibly in vogue to cover Adele songs in 2011, but Puth and Luther don't merely try their hand at singing one of Adele's soulful, heart-on-the-sleeve tunes. They own it. They inhabit the song, making it personal. They aren’t trying to ape Adele; rather, they are taking the song and giving it the Charlie/Emily touch.

It's like a chorus of seraphim have descended from the heavens. That's how sweetly beautiful their version of this heartache and heartbreak tale is!

Watch Charlie Puth and Emily Luther Cover Adele 'Someone Like You'