Cher Lloyd stopped by the PopCrush offices this week and sat down for an exclusive acoustic performance of her latest sassy hit 'I Wish.'

OMG, you have to stop what you are doing, drop everything (unless you are holding something precious like a baby or a puppy) and watch this footage RIGHT now. We promise -- it's that good.

Looking extra adorbs in her gold blazer and floppy black hat, the gorgeous and talented Brit offered a unique take on her anthem about being too short, too tomboyish and too broke to get with the boy she digs. #RealGirlProblems.

We're used to the song being an upbeat dance track in its original form. But when stripped down in this raw, intimate fashion, Lloyd's voice is able to shine.

So sit back and take in this exclusive Cher Lloyd performance. You've got a front row seat to Cher Lloyd in our studios.

PopCrushers and Brats, tell us what you think about Cher's acoustic perf of 'I Wish' in the comments below. We bet you 'Wish' you were there, right?