The eternal pop phoenix Cher is back. The iconic queen released a new single, 'Woman's World,' this week. The woman will never stop!

The first single off of her upcoming followup to 'Living Proof,' 'Woman's World' is a thumping, rollicking anthem to not giving a hoot what a man thinks of you, because it's women who run the world. (We know Beyonce will agree!)

Billboard reports that the song wasn't slated to be released just yet, but following leaked demos, the living legend tweeted out a link to the official track, writing, "We thought we had time, but ('Woman's World') started popping all over the world!"

As for the upcoming record, Cher described the set as "Eclectic! Lots of dance, but none (are the) same kind of dance! Have big a-- choruses, some heart rippers!" 'Woman's World' certainly fits into all of those categories. Cher is working with Lady Gaga, Pink and Timbaland on her new record. We've yet to hear those killer collabos, but based on what we've heard so far, we can't wait!

Listen to Cher, 'Woman's World'