Chris Brown is usually a firecracker during his awards show performances, performing acrobatic dance moves and losing Rolexes. Whatever he does, Brown always turns in something that has people talking at the water cooler the next day. So we were a bit surprised when he was subdued and low-key at the 2011 American Music Awards. At least in the first half of his performance.

With his close-clopped, bleached blond hair, Brown wore a plain white tee, black trousers, a gold chain and started out with 'All Back.' There was no high-flying dance moves and no sobbing. It was just Brown expressing himself with his voice, his eyes and his arms as he enacted some light dance moves. It was the most low-key we've ever seen him. Or so we thought.

The stage went dark and a kicking light show began. Brown revealed himself on the stage again, having donned a chef-style white coat. He engaged in more elaborated and to-be-expected dance moves for 'Say It With Me.' He worked up a sweat and we liked seeing both sides of Chris Brown the performer.

Watch Chris Brown Perform at the 2011 American Music Awards