The past couple of years for Chris Brown have been difficult to move past, following his arrest and assault charges for beating up his former girlfriend, Rihanna. With a new year, Brown is looking forward to turning the page in his life and career by concentrating more on the music than his past.

Brown's manager, Tina Davis of TDC/Phase Too, says her client will do less interviews in the new year to prevent focus from being on the wrong areas in the singer's life and focus more on his future endeavors.

"It was something we set a while back," Davis tells Billboard of their plans for 2012. "We're not trying to be rude, selfish or disrespectful to anyone in any way. If people are going to judge anything, judge him for his talent. He signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life. We look at it as starting all over.

In addition to music, Brown will also focus his energy on other aspects of the entertainment industry. "He has this movie and other scripts are coming our way," Davis says. "A couple of different companies have been talking to us about partnering with him. They're not afraid to stand next to him. They understand that hey, this young man has another 20-30 years to go. He has a right to be able to grow up and learn about being a man, being a person."

Their tactic for Brown's positive comeback is well on its way to falling into place. "As you can imagine, everybody and his mother had an idea as to what Chris could do to come back," Davis explains. "His only thing was to keep writing, keep recording, keep letting out [his] emotions and feelings within [his] music so people can better understand [him] and love [his] music."

"It was about us keeping the faith, and focusing on believing in God's plan for Chris," Davis continues. "Since he was 14, Chris has had a creative vision and direction for himself. So it was easy to work with him and figure out how to deal with the setbacks... As much as some people wanted him to go away, his business life and personal life are totally two different things. And his love for music and his talent still shone throughout all of the good and bad times."