A video of Chris Brown throwing a woman's phone into the crowd during a recent performance is going viral.

On Wednesday night (March 1), video from one of Chris Brown's recent shows shared by TikTok user @ellishatok began circulating online. In the clip, the Virginia crooner is onstage along with who appears to be a fan from the crowd. The video begins with Breezy taking the woman's phone and placing it in her lap as he circles her and sings "Take You Down." CB then beings to dance sensually and mounts the woman before gyrating on her lap.

He dismounts the woman and continues to sing. She thens picks her phone back up and continues to record herself. That's when Chris Brown grabs the phone and hurls the mobile device into the crowd and continues to sing.

Social media has been weighing in on the wild clip.

"She crazy af. If THEE Chris Brown was seducing me this way, I would be paying attention and asking to go backstage next. You really sat on the phone?" one Twitter user posted.

"irdc what i was doing on my phone, you're not gonna dash it like mango seed. Chris Brown or not. Shows over cuz i'm dashing his mic and unplugging the speakers," someone else tweeted after seeing the video.

"Chris brown a real n---a for that lol," another Twitter user wrote. "I don’t like him but that shit was priceless the Bitch gotta once in a lifetime experience to be on the stage with C Breezy getting a lap dance from him & she is on her phone like she’s sitting in the waiting chair of a hair salon."

Chris Brown commented on the incident on his Instagram Story. First, he posted a video of the incident with the caption "F--k dat phone," along with a crying laughing emoji. In a follow-up post he wrote: "Shawty got her phone back too."

Warning: Strong language below

Chris Brown grinds on woman at show.
Chris Brown comments on tossing fan's phone.

Chris Brown is currently on the European leg of his Under the Influence Tour. A couple weeks ago, he stopped a show to check on a fan who passed out in the crowd.

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