While watching Chris Brown's 'Fine China' video, it's clear that the crooner got some visual inspiration from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In fact, one particular clip came to mind as we were watching Breezy groove all over that warehouse with his lady -- Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' music video, which originally appeared in the feature film 'Moonwalker.'

From the exotic women and setting to the dance moves and choreographed altercations, the similarities between Brown's 'Fine China' video and MJ's 'Smooth Criminal' are endless. So, which one has the best music video in your personal opinion?

Towards the beginning of the video, a few differences can be seen. Like, for instance, Brown went the more 'Newsies' route with his outfit, as opposed to Jackson's pimptastic off-white suit and fedora. Brown also kind of takes Jackson's vision into the contemporary, incorporating elements like fast cars, flashy (hopefully not real) guns, and a kaleidoscopic illuminated cityscape. But that's basically where the contrasts really end.

Once he and his dream girl (whose dad is one seriously P.O.'d parent) arrive at the club, which is more like a giant warehouse, the 'Smooth Criminal' in 'Fine China' shines through. The 'F.A.M.E.' Grammy winner hits some of Jackson's signature moves, like the leg snap and crotch grab, but he doesn't even try to attempt the anti-gravity lean that Jackson became so famous for in the 'Smooth Criminal' clip.

Towards the end, just like Jacko does in his clip, there's a bunch of dance battles, with Breezy delivering fan kicks and other martial arts moves against his opponents. There's also a strong "gangster" presence in both, as Brown is mobbed by his GF's father's gang of gun-wielding thugs at the close of the clip. The same goes for Jacko, who is stalked throughout the warehouse party he attends, but ends up taking out every assailant in his path with his smooth dancing and bad---ness.

So, if you had to pick one video to watch on repeat, which would it be? Chris Brown's 'Fine China,' or Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'? Watch both and vote below!

Watch the Chris Brown 'Fine China' Video

Watch the Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' Video