Teenagers with big city dreams, maintain hope — 18 years ago, Chris Evans was one of you.

The 34-year-old movie star, who's played the Human Torch and Captain America in several blockbuster films, shared a throwback photo on Twitter yesterday (June 8) that would give any high school guidance counselor a welcome hit of validation.

Dated March 28, 1998, the cover letter chronicles 16-year-old Evans' dreams to break into the entertainment biz, and he notes in a supplementary caption that he sent it pretty much anywhere that had a mailing address. YO, THAT'S CALLED HUS'LIN.

"#BestSummerever," Evans labeled the image of the letter, which begins "I am a high school junior with an intense passion for theater." Also, he was hoping at least one casting director would "take advantage of a hardworking individual like me," which is something he probably learned to stop saying after a summer working for a New York City casting director (he got the job!!!).

"And the resume/headshot I sent along with it is BEYOND humiliating. Truly comical. Luckily it did somehow lead to an internship. #dumbluck" Evans added in a separate message.

What do you make of Evans' cover letter? Suddenly unsure about your teenage summer gigs spent behind grocery store cash registers or as camp counselors? Ugh, he was probably Student Council President.

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