On tonight's (April 30) semi-final episode of 'The Voice,' resident opera singer Chris Mann chose to sing 'Ave Maria,' in a move that showed he would be staying true to himself when everyone is watching his moves. He sang a Coldplay song during his last performance and while we loved seeing (and hearing) him go pop, he smartly returned to his wheelhouse, which is a big, bold, beautiful song sung in another language. It's the semis. You go big or you go home. Mann chose to go huge, really.

Dressed in a white suit with a scarf, Mann cut a dashing, debonair and gentlemanly figure. But that voice? Oh that voice! With the audience holding up votive candles and rows of candles lining the stage parallel to Mann as he sang, it felt like an intimate night at the opera. It was different and unique, but more importantly, Mann stood out on a show full of pop singers offering renditions of poppy songs. It was a perf you won't soon forget.

We've said it before that Mann, dubbed "incomparable" by the judges, is akin to Josh Groban, so he appeals to a bit of an older female fanbase; but with his version of 'Ave Maria,' he could (and should) pull anyone regardless of age group or genre preference into his orbit. It was, in two syllables, stunning. Pure, perfect and not-so-pop. We loved it.

Watch Chris Mann Perform 'Ave Maria' on 'The Voice'