Christina Aguilera's belters Sera Hill and Ashley De La Rosa were in the bottom three, along with rapper-turned-singer Moses Stone on tonight's (April 3) elimination episode of 'The Voice.' All three had spot on song choices, as they sang for the save. Xtina could save one and eliminate two others, and she chose Ashley.

Like Blake Shelton, she ripped the Band Aid off, giving her opinions, sending her team her love and making her choice quickly and efficiently. Maybe if Nicole Scherzinger was that decisive she might have kept her job on 'X Factor!'

For her save song, De La Rosa sang 'Paris' by Grace Potter and her version was better than the original. She stomped around, showing off her pop-rock edge. She knows her niche and what she wants to sound like, and that's why she has blossomed since we first met her.

The lovely Hill went diva on us, singing Mariah Carey's first hit 'Vision of Love,' which is gutsy, since, you know, it's Mariah Freakin' Carey. Even so, Hill hit those runs at the end. We felt sorry for Xtina for having to make this choice.

Stone sang –- not rapped -- 'Break Even (Falling to Pieces)' and he wowed us. It was a whole other side of him, which we never expected when he first rapped his way onto the stage during the blind auditions.

Cee Lo went with Sera, while bros Adam Levine and Shelton chose Ashley. This was one of the first times Aguilera went with the grain, and it's likely because she had such a tough decision to make!

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