Xtina is back!

Christina Aguilera dropped her new single, 'Your Body,' this morning (Sept. 14.) It does what the songs on her last album, the major flop 'Bionic.' didn't. Here, Xtina is using her powerhouse voice.

Clearly, she doesn't need Auto-tune. She isn't forced to rely on studio trickery to beef up a thin voice. She's got what most pop stars don't and that's a God-given belter's voice. So to play it up is the smartest thing she could have done.

She uses said voice to deliver sexy, girl-on-top lyrics. Sample offering? "All I wanna do / Is love your body / Tonight's you're lucky night / I know you want it." Rawr! We actually thought she said "rock your body" in previous demo versions of lesser audio quality. In the X-rated version, it's probably a different verb that sounds like "rock." Either way, we get the point. Xtina wants it and she wants it NOW!

The song is as slick as it is sultry. It was produced by Max Martin and Shellback, the team that co-wrote Taylor Swift's record-breaking behemoth 'We Are Never Ever Getting back Together.' How many times have you tried to get that song outta your head? While 'Your Body' isn't as cutesy or sing-along worthy, it is just as memorable, but in a totally different, much sexier way.

But it never strays into 'Dirrty' territory. Xtina is assertive, demanding what she wants and taking it, both lyrically and sonically.

While 'Call Me Maybe' was 2012's breeezy, cute anthem about exchanging digits and dancing around the topic of hooking up, this is 2012's club banger that does away with subtext and hints. The four-on-the-floor pattern and the thunderous beat simulate the rhythm of romance, if you know what we mean!  It's synthy but also maintains a pop essence.

Xtina manages to walk the tightrope between electronically enhanced dance music and pretty pop, and she does it while wearing six-inch stilettos. Nice work, girl!

Listen to Christina Aguilera, 'Your Body'