Christina Perri is not afraid to stand up for herself in her 'Burning Gold' video.

Fearing the life she wants might be slipping out of her grasp, Christina declares that she's had enough and she wants a change. With the flip of a jukebox song and the grasp of a microphone, the singer steps forward to take charge of her life.

The video shows her catching the eye of a musician, which quickly propels her into the spotlight as a singer in a girl group. The visual gives off a 'Dreamgirls' vibe, showing Christina all of the perks -- and downfalls -- of her newfound life in the spotlight. How will the singer handle her life when it all comes crashing down around her? Let's just say a few things go up in flames.

Christina totally embraces the retro theme, rocking mod dresses, slinky sequined gowns and winged eyeliner like a pro. The spark in her eyes is inspiring, while her calm demeanor lets us known nothing will get between Christina and her dreams!

Watch Christina Perri's 'Burning Gold' video above.