From his deathbed, a former CIA agent revealed the unsettling alleged truth about Area 51, claiming to have experienced real aliens during his time working for the organization.

The anonymous 77-year-old ex-CIA agent, who goes by the nickname "Kewper," worked for the CIA from 1957 to 1960.

In an interview with UFO researcher Richard Dolan, Kewper alleged he was hired to analyze physical evidence of a UFO crash site and was part of the team that investigated a flying saucer that “crashed and landed in July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.”

According to The Daily Star, Kewper also claimed he worked in Area 51, where he analyzed extraterrestrials and various alien items supposedly retrieved by the U.S. government.

“The very first one had Roswell craft, and it was kind of crashed up, but apparently, every alien that was in [it] died except for a couple," Kewper told Dolan, adding that the Roswell craft, which "probably weighed 150-300 pounds," was "strange because it looked like really heavy aluminum foil."

Kewper claimed he watched autopsy footage of deceased aliens found at the crash site before his colonel admitted that not all of the spaceship’s passengers perished in the crash.

"The colonel said, 'What we’ve got in here is we’re interviewing a grey alien.' We had no idea we were going to see the real thing," Kewper alleged.

"It didn’t look human as far as the skin tone," Kewper described, claiming that the aliens he witnessed were also physically larger than typical humans.

"The brain was kind of a little bit bigger, and the nose was very, very small, and the ears were just like holes, and the mouth was very small," he alleged.

In 2014, Kewper's story was tapped for a documentary titled Truth Embargo: The Anonymous Interview.

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