Ciara demonstrated that there's never a bad time for album promo when she urged passengers, mid-air, to listen to her latest album Jackie during a recent flight.

According to Page Six, the "Goodies" singer was on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she called over the intercom and introduced herself to the entire aircraft. She then asked people to listen to her album Jackie, as it was available as part of the airline's entertainment system.

It's a move that vaguely recalls the time Rihanna took a slew of fans and reporters aboard a jet for her 777 promo tour, which is now legendary in its terribleness. Admittedly, the only similarity between Rihanna's promo and Ciara's is the fact that a plane is vaguely involved.

It was nice of Ciara to inform those who may not be aware that she does have a new album out. But if we were her, we would have blasted the album over the sound system at full volume, thereby forcing (rather than suggesting) everyone to listen to it. The album would play over the loudspeakers for the entirety of the flight, until the plane were to safely land on Los Angeles soil. Perhaps there is a reason we do not work in PR.

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