Ciara is back and she wants you to 'Sweat.' That's the name of her new track featuring the ubiquitous rapper 2 Chainz. The song will appear on CiCi's new album 'One Woman Army,' her Epic Records debut, after recording four albums with Jive Records.

The throbbing bass-heavy track features the Atlanta songbird encouraging everyone to get on the dance floor and sweat. "Turn up / I'm going in / I'm gonna let it out on the floor," she rap-sings. "I'll show you how to move to my tempo / Yeah, I know you like that tempo / You don't know what you in fo' / cause I'm about to give you that info."

2 Chainz comes through with some lyrical innuendo spitting, "After sex / They ask me how I'm doin' / And I tell them / I'm very blessed / and I CC / CiCi / And that CC mean chest to chest!"

The song is definitely hot enough to heat up the club and should get some major spins on radio. It's good to hear Ciara back on the scene and it looks like she's ready to bring the booty-shaking music to the dance floor.

Ciara says she opened up emotionally on her new album 'One Woman Army.' "I really had to be in a comfortable place, and I really am and I'm excited about it," she tells MTV News. "That's the beauty of music. Music is like really being able to express yourself. I wanted to make sure that I expressed myself in the best way that I could, and I let the music also be a healing process for me at points."

"You laugh, you cry, you dance, you love, you hurt, you feel all kinds of things," she continues. "That's the beauty of music."

Ciara's 'One Woman Army' is due out later this summer.

Listen to Ciara, 'Sweat' Feat. 2 Chainz