Clay Aiken, for one, has bumped up his farewell to American Idol's farewell season.

The Season 2 runner-up, who appeared on last night's (January 6) Season 15 premiere as a guest judge, nevertheless hated the way the episode turned out. In a series of tweets, he bashed the show — which kicked off auditions in Atlanta and Denver — for being too lenient on poor acts, and for having become a shadow of what it once was.

"Well... now I know why the ratings are down," he wrote before taking particular issue with a specific try-out. "Oh good Lord...Those boring ass responses from the judges!? Where is Simon when you need him!? That guy need a hook to pull him off stage."

"I've watched root canals more entertaining than these judges," he concluded.

Clay Aiken: Idol runner-up, The Apprentice runner-up, recreational dental hygienist?

And when followers began criticizing Aiken for being a bit too harsh, he defended his critiques, and insisted they came from a place of love.

"We're all more critical of the things we care about most," he explained. "When you really love something you only want the best for it, and you have high expectations from those you know are capable of it."

Did you catch the premiere episode? Agree with Clay? Give us your take.

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