UK singer Cleo Sol has the hots for a guy who doesn't know it in her debut video 'High,' which also features dancehall musician Gappy Ranks.

The song blends ska, reggae, pop and dance into an upbeat package, and the video is similarly vibrant. It follows Sol throughout what appears to be a typical summer day. The fashion-conscious singer starts by flipping through CDs in a music store. She heads outside and sings in front of bright purple graffiti, giving a quick glance and a smile to a guy behind her.

On her official website, the 20-year-old describes the song's concept as, "A summer song about my feelings towards a guy, but he doesn’t know it! He got me feeling high!" That message is evident as she sings, "You got me feeling high, high, high, high, high / And every time you're near I touch the sky."

The young vocalist hops on her bicycle and heads over to a pool hall, where her crush just happens to be hanging out. Cleo never ends up getting together with him, but she still has a blast having fun with her friends as they wander through what appear to be the streets of the city.

Sol grew up around music, as her Jamaican dad and Serbian and Spanish mother met in a jazz band. We'll keep our fingers crossed that a full-length record will follow soon.

Watch the Cleo Sol 'High' Video