A classic hip-hop song is utilized in Coca-Cola's 'Going All the Way' 2014 Super Bowl commercial featuring Adrian, a small footballer lost in thought and sternly warned not to mess up a play by coaches and teammates. He's a runt with superstar talent who goes all the way. What is the bouncy and familiar song in the commercial?

It's House of Pain's '90s party rap anthem 'Jump Around.' It appears on their 1992 debut, 'House of Pain,' and was a monster hit that year -- and continues to be a beloved and nostalgic tune some 22 years later.

The commercial celebrates the love of the gridiron that dominates Green Bay, Wisc., which is pretty much Football City in America.

Adrian embodies the true spirt of the underdog as he recovers a fumble and keeps running and running and running, well past the end zone, off the pee-wee field all the way to Lambeau Field, a revered location for football fanatics. He is rewarded for his efforts with a bottle of Coke. Ahhhh!

The commercial was filmed in a Green Bay suburb, and locals were used in the spot. Gotta love Coke, a soft drink giant, for taking it to the small town people for the Super Bowl, even if the Packers were eliminated in the first round of this year's playoffs.