Have you ever been to a concert where a fan has gotten way too excited and ran up onstage?

Stage crashers can be funny, ridiculous, and/or just downright scary -- and the majority of our favorite artists have experienced them. Pop superstars like Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Justin Bieber and many, many more have all felt that awkward moment when an overzealous fan got all up in their grill during a performance.

And just how each stage crasher is unique, each artist's reaction is vastly different from the next. When a fan literally launched herself onto One Direction's stage, Harry Styles thought it was so funny he couldn't help but double over from laughing so hard. Austin Mahone responded to his frenzied Mahomie by giving her an extra long (yet super awkward) hug. And as for Justin Bieber? Well, his quick-thinking dancers managed to intercept the fan before she reached the Biebs -- and they still kept dancing, even while trying to hold the fan back.

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