There's one song Crystal Hefner, widow of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, can never listen to the same again — all because it was played on loop when the couple got down and dirty in the bedroom.

In an exclusive look at her new memoir via People, Crystal says she played the same Madonna song on repeat during nights when Hugh allegedly had to take Viagra, when he needed some background music to get into the groove–sorry, mood.

During those "little blue pill" nights, Crystal would play the same specific Madonna song over and over so "no other music [would] be contaminated by this place."

It's unclear what Madonna song exactly Crystal and Hugh listened to. Probably something off Erotica.

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During their time in bed together, Crystal claims in her memoir Hugh mostly stared boredly up at the mirror hanging on the ceiling above them.

"There was nothing sexy" about their sex life, she writes, claiming it was clear "Hef had never taken a moment in his entire life to figure out how to please someone else."

In 2014, two years after they tied the knot, Crystal, who was 60 years Hugh's junior, was "relieved" when the sex stopped altogether.

Crystal recently admitted she no longer wants the wedding ring Hugh gave her and opened up about the glaring "power imbalance" in her relationship with the controversial media figure.

"It seemed like a world of success and fantasy, but everyone’s having to sleep with an 80-year-old. There’s a price. Everything has a price," she told People about her time in the Playboy Mansion before Hugh's death at the age of 91 in 2017.

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