D12 rapper Bizarre really loves Nicki Minaj. He adores her so much that he posted a truly bizarre video expressing his infatuation for the Harajuku Barbie. We have to stress that this video has some explicit lyrics, but it's hilarious to watch.

In the clip, the zany rapper flips Toni Basil's classic video 'Hey Mickey' into his own "Stan"-like version called 'Hey Nicki." The green-wigged Bizarre raps about his love for Nicki as he gazes at posters of her on his wall. "Everyday, I think about what she's wearin' / When the TV come on / I can't stop starin'," he raps.

The video then segues to Bizarre and his maniacal cronies crashing a fictional wedding between Drake and Minaj look-a-likes. While Drizzy is getting pummeled, Bizarre gets on bended knee -- shower cap and all -- and promises to perform cunnilingus on Minaj for the rest of her life. How sweet.

Despite Bizarre's profane lyrics, this is a hilarious video that we can't stop watching. We don't think he will win Minaj's affections with his clip, but she might get a couple of chuckles out of it. Or, she might get a restraining order.

"Bizarre and Nicki sitting in a tree / K-I-S-S-I-N-G / First come love, then comes marriage / Here's comes little Satan in a baby carriage."

Yep, we can get a little crazy at PopCrush, too. Buhwawawa!

Watch the Bizarre 'Hey Nicki' Video